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It does not follow the big Poker

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SURREY, B. [url=http://www.custompatriotsjersey.com/custom-aaron-hernandez-jersey-large-521f.html]Aaron Hernandez Jersey[/url] .C. -- Stephen Adekolu and Bryan Burnham are close friends off the field, so its probably fitting their careers have followed similar paths. Both experienced injuries in university that affected their ability to catch on with professional teams, both had to fight for spots on the practice roster with the B.C. Lions, and both are now getting their chance to play because of injuries. Its something the rookie receivers could only dream of back in training camp. "When we first started I remember guys lockers clearing out," Adekolu said after practice Wednesday. "If you really looked at me and Burnham, its no secret that we were the bottom two that had to fight our way up and beat out a lot of guys. Thats what we both did." The 25-year-old Adekolu and the 24-year-old Burnham were happy to work with the scout team and said running opponents plays against the CFLs No. 1 defence in practice for the first 12 weeks of the season did a lot for their confidence. "We would make small bets or joke around on who would get the most yards on our first-team defence," said Adekolu, a native of Brampton, Ont. "We were like: If thats the best defence and we give them a good look, we could go out and play." And thats exactly what they did last week when both dressed for their first pro games in a 40-23 home loss to the Toronto Argonauts. Adekolu watched mostly from the sidelines, but Burnham wound up as the Lions second-leading receiver with five catches for 90 yards and a touchdown in place of Courtney Taylor, who has a foot injury and is likely lost for the season. "Ive always stayed ready. Those older guys have really helped me stay mentally in it and always ready for when they called my number," said Burnham, who grew up in Moorestown, N.J. "I definitely didnt think it was going to come this quick. You never want to see someone get hurt. "You never wish for that, but when it does come youve got to be ready for it because thats football." Lions head coach Mike Benevides said both players have earned their chance, adding that Adekolu will see time on offence this week against the Calgary Stampeders. "(Burnham) performed at a high level during the (Toronto game) and I think theres a high level of confidence of what he can bring," said Benevides. "With Stephen, hes preformed throughout the entire season in practice. He had a strong pre-season and its time to see what he can bring to the table as a fifth guy and a rotational-type of person." Burnham played at the University of Tulsa in the NCAA, while Adekolu spent five CIS seasons at Bishops University. Each suffered knee injuries late in their college careers, which meant they had to work even harder to get a chance at the next level. Adekolu went to rookie camp with the Montreal Alouettes last season but experienced tendinitis before returning to Bishops, while Burnhams last game with Tulsa was the 2012 season opener when he tore his anterior cruciate ligament. Both signed with the Lions this winter and have climbed the depth chart much quicker than expected. "I think the biggest thing and the best thing is that the young guys are willing to take coaching," said quarterback Kevin Glenn. "Theyre very good character guys. Theyre humble and theyre really just out there wanting to help the team." That attitude has resonated with teammates, who can often sense when a player is unhappy with a situation. "I like to try to come to practice everyday with the same attitude. Im out here having a great time. I love being here," said Burnham. "I think if you come out here and start to be too serious when things are going wrong, thats when things start to split and you see guys start to change their demeanour." Part of Burnhams even-keel approach comes from his father Lem, who played for the Philadelphia Eagles in the late 1970s before becoming a psychologist. "He always just stayed on me about being patient and managing my stress and being anxious to get out there -- youve got to manage that or its going to tear you apart," said Burnham, whose sister works in the Lions front office and suggested he try out after NFL teams passed. "Its something I really worked at ... he always gives me little mental exercises. "He always said for the longest time: Ive been there." The Lions (7-5) visit the Calgary Stampeders (10-2) on Saturday as they continue to battle for playoff positioning in the West Division. Apart from Taylors ailment, the door has been opened for Burnham and Adekolu because of injuries to return man Tim Brown and defensive back Dante Marsh. B.C. handed Calgary its only home defeat of the season in a 25-24 decision back on Aug. 1, and Glenn said the Lions can take some positives from that game even though theres been a lot of personnel changes on both sides. "The biggest thing I think is we came back from being 11 points down in the second half," said the veteran pivot. "We never quit. Thats a big thing." Adekolu and Burnham also havent quit, and both are excited to step on the field together in a game situation. They also know if they dont perform, theres a hungry recruit just like them waiting to jump up and snatch their spot. "You always keep the mentality that when you get your chance either someones not doing their job or someone got hurt," said Adekolu. "Football is youre taking someones job or youre playing well enough to get a job. I want to step in and show that I can do the job theyre expecting." [url=http://www.custompatriotsjersey.com/custom-steve-nelson-jersey-large-381f.html]Steve Nelson Jersey[/url] . - Robert Griffin III has a sprained throwing shoulder that limited him in practice Wednesday as the Washington Redskins prepared for their season finale against the Dallas Cowboys. [url=http://www.custompatriotsjersey.com/custom-nick-buoniconti-jersey-large-301f.html]Nick Buoniconti Jersey[/url] . Pearce had a career-high four hits and drove in two runs, and Wei-Yin Chen shut down Texas again as the Orioles completed a four-game sweep of the Rangers with a 5-2 victory on Thursday night. [url=http://www.custompatriotsjersey.com/custom-joe-perry-jersey-large-1021f.html]http://www.custompatriotsjersey.com/custom-joe-perry-jersey-large-1021f.html[/url] . Among the teams moves was trading one of the teams two third round picks, no. 83 overall, to the Chicago Blackhawks for Brandon Bollig, a six-foot-two, 223-pound left-winger who had seven goals, seven assists, and 92 penalty minutes in 82 games last season.Like any other walk of life I suppose, Poker is full of myths and misnomers, but surely the answer has to be Las Vegas? Its the unofficial World Headquarters of Poker, and where many of the biggest pros live, including Doyle Brunson and Phil Ivey.Those big cash games always centred around Bobbys Room, in the Bellagio on the strip, and the room was named after Bobby Baldwin. You may not have heard of Bobby Baldwin, even though he has won no less than 4 World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets, but that was a very long time ago. Later, he became involved in Casino Management, and very successfully too. In fact, he was President of Bellagio Casino and Hotel when it was decided to name Bobbys Room after him. You may be forgiven for suspecting there may be a connection between those 2 facts. Later, the big games in Vegas moved a few yards up the strip to the Aria Resort and Casino, this time, more appropriately, it took place in Iveys Room, named after 10-time WSOP winner Phil Ivey.Are the worlds biggest cash games still held there, in Las Vegas? Absolutely not.Big cash game Poker is a dynamic thing, it follows the money, and soon the game moved to China of all places, or more specifically Macau, which is a sort of political subsidiary of China, and it sits just across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong. And we all know how the Chinese love a gamble, so that fits nicely.Soon, though, the game moved again, and remarkably, its next stop was the most densely populated city in the world, Manila, in the Philippines.Why does the game move so often? Quite simply, it follows the money, and this is where it gets interesting. It does not follow the big Poker pros like Phil Ivey, Dan Cates and the like, it follows players called whales. A whale is actually a rather unkind and unfair description of a very wealthy person who likes a game of Poker. Im sure you are ahead of me here, but you can see where this is going - the pros follow the whales, because they can smell easy money.Who are these guys? Well lets start with a chap named Richard Yong, who, really, is common to Las Vegas, Macau and now the Philippines. He was in all the big Las Vegas cash games, but then an odd thing happened - Richard was arrested in his Caesars Palace condo after an FBI raid, and accused of illegal sports betting. Slung in jail, with bail set at $1.5 million, he was bailed out by Poker pros Phil Ivey and Dan Cates. Thats how much they valued his cash game action. Happily, all charges were eventually dropped, and Richard was completely cleared. And so Richard decided it was time to dodge out of Dodge, and next popped up in Macau, as did - yup, youve got it, Ivey, Cates and Co.Sooon, he relocated to the Manila, and obviously, the game followed him there, and as long as he and his ilk are in Manila, the game will stay there. [url=http://www.custompatriotsjersey.com/custom-joe-montana-jersey-large-1001f.html]Joe Montana Jersey[/url]. And thats just how it works.There are plenty of so-called whales, of course, including a few from the UK.One such is Paul Newey. Paul made his name with Ocean Finance, who were a pioneer of pay day loans, and are based in the Midlands. He eventually sold out in 2004 for a whopping £250 million. Paul wont ever need a pay day loan, thats for sure.Since then, he has played the high roller Poker circuit, and very successfully too, with his biggest cash being $1.4 million, though the buy-in for that event was a staggering $1.1 million. He lives in Jersey now, for tax reasons, but spends his time travelling the global high roller circuit.He has another hobby too - high roller slots, both online and live. Earlier this year, he wanted to go to Melbourne to play the Aussie Millions, so he decided to go via Las Vegas, and play some slots en-route, and did very handsomely, too, collecting a most pleasing half a million dollar payout from a Vegas slot machine. It brings a whole new meaning to what a life, eh? Am I jealous and envious? You bet I am. Hes a nice fella though, so good luck to him. Talal Shakerchi is another UK based high roller, and he does pretty well at the game, too. If you met Talal, youd never believe he was a Poker player, he is quiet, unassuming, softly spoken, polite, and a complete gentleman. Dont mess with him at the Poker table though, hes a beast. Big sums of money dont bother Talal, as his day job is managing a high roller Hedge Fund. No scared money there, then.Canadas Guy Laliberte is perhaps the biggest of these whales. Guy is the founder and 95% owner of the fabulous Cirque du Soleil circus troupe, who have stage productions all over the world, including no less than 8 currently running in Las Vegas.Guy is a perfect example of why its a little rude and unfair to make the assumption that Poker whales have more money than sense. Guy founded the One Drop Poker tournament - the one with the $1.1 million price tag - but the whole thing is based around his One Drop Foundation. The aim of One Drop is to provide sustainable water supplies to those parts of the world where running water does not exist. Guess you might describe him as a whale out of water. So there we have it. Can anyone join these high roller cash games? Why yes, of course. You just need to pull up the minimum buy-in, which is usually about 2 milly. For you and me, think wed best stick to being fish, and tiddlers at that. So if you fancy some 5p - 10p cash action, Im your man. Pull up 2 million to play Poker? Err, PASS. ' ' '

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