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GM Billy King knows that

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Steve Harmison has backed Steven Finn to be a big part of the England bowling attack for years to come, ahead of the first Test with Pakistan at Lords. [url=http://www.prochiefsauthentic.com/Youth-Jason-Spriggs-Elite-Jersey/]Jason Spriggs Jersey[/url] . The Middlesex paceman struggled at times during the series with Sri Lanka but Harmison has no doubt that he can return to top form in the near future. Indeed, Harmison believes that Finn would benefit from having the chance to bowl longer spells and, with James Anderson ruled out of the opening Test, he may be given that chance on his home ground. Theres a lot been made of Steve Finn and, as somebody who was very similar, I felt sorry for him a little bit, Harmison told Sky Sports.[Stuart] Broad and Anderson had done so well against Sri Lanka that he was coming on after these two gems had bowled, he was coming back from injury and he never really got the chance to have a long bowl.He seems to be somebody who needs a good, long bowl consistently and when youve got Broad and Anderson blowing teams away, to get that on the international stage is harder.Hell have wanted to bowl a bit better than he did but I wouldnt be looking too much into it. I thought he did okay. No team has every single player play well all the time because if you did teams would be bowled out for 20 and youd go out and bat and get 800!Steve Finn will get better and better and better, hes a big player on the big stage for England and he needs to be backed and allowed to bowl. Simple as that, let him bowl and let him play. Finn should be given time to rediscover his form, according to Harmison One issue that was picked up on during the series against Sri Lanka was that, particularly in the first two Tests, Finns pace was significantly lower than has become expected from him.Harmison argues that Finn should be given the time to regain his form and confidence but says it is not as simple as just running in and trying to bowl quickly.People look too much into it, I think theyre wrong to try and put pressure on the kid, added the 2005 Ashes winner.Hes a big part of England being the team that they want to be - he has to be. Its easy for people to say - and I had it throughout my career - just go up and bowl fast, thats easier said than done, especially when youre a little bit low on confidence and youre not sure exactly what the ball is doing.Hes got to find a way to get into a spell, get through a spell, into his next spell, get through a day and steadily build his confidence up that way. When he does that and Ive no doubt he will because hes a class performer, Steve Finn will start taking fives and sixes, no problem at all.Like Finn, Chris Woakes has had to deal with his fair share of criticism when playing for England in the past but the Warwickshire all-rounder has been in superb form this summer since coming into the team for the injured Ben Stokes. Chris Woakes has impressed Simon Jones since his recall Another member of Englands 2005 Ashes-winning bowling attack, Simon Jones, has been impressed by Woakes and the improvements he has made to his game.The thing that shocked me most about Chris Woakes was that he was the quickest of the lot, said Jones.He was bowling late 80s most of the time, I loved the lines he bowled, he bowled attacking lines, he bowled with discipline and with good rhythm and from where he was, he is looking a very, very good cricketer.Like so many observers, the Welshman has thoroughly enjoyed watching the England bowling attack in recent times and feels that there are few to match it in world cricket.There are a few good attacks around the world, South Africa have a very good attack but England have got to be up there, added Jones.Theyre bowling as a unit, back in 05 we did the same thing. They have boys for different roles and I think thats key. You need variety in the attack and thats what theyve got at the moment.Jimmy and Stuart Broad have been exceptional over the years and they have these young lads coming through which is really exciting for England and the future bodes well.Steve Harmison and Simon Jones were speaking at a PCA England Masters event at Bramhall Cricket Club to help raise money for the 1000 Hearts for Harry charity. Also See: England without Anderson Bairstow can be one of the best Pakistan v England: Story of 2015 Top order of merit [url=http://www.prochiefsauthentic.com/Youth-Harrison-Butker-Elite-Jersey/]Harrison Butker Jersey[/url] . - Josh Sterk scored twice to lead the Oshawa Generals to a 7-1 rout of the Ottawa 67s in Mondays Ontario Hockey League action. [url=http://www.prochiefsauthentic.com/Youth-Damien-Wilson-Elite-Jersey/]Damien Wilson Jersey[/url] . - This is just the warm-up act for 18-year-old William Nylander. [url=http://www.prochiefsauthentic.com/Youth-Len-Dawson-Elite-Jersey/]http://www.prochiefsauthentic.com/Youth-Len-Dawson-Elite-Jersey/[/url] . Best has been bothered by concussion problems and hasnt played since Oct. 16, when the Lions lost to San Francisco. After starting 5-0, Detroit has lost four of six, beginning with that game against the 49ers.1. Lou Williams & Lucas Nogueira (Raptors): I like this deal by general manager Masai Ujiri. I have always been a fan of Williams, who fell out of favor in Atlanta. In the final year of his contract, the Raptors will be getting a player who can score in bunches off the bench and give his team a lift on many nights. He plays with energy and can run the point for a possession or two but is definitely more of a scoring two guard. Nogueira is a guy that is under contract overseas for another year, which is a good thing because there is no rush to bring him over and start his NBA Contractual Clock. The Raptors want to be getting him when hes more mature and prepared to give them a greater return on their yearly investment. I like the move, though. Hes a young man who can make things happen in the lane with his rebounding and shot blocking potential. His offence is a bit raw yet but in time he should be a sound pickup. John Salmons was a good pro, but as we could all see in the playoffs, hes clearly on the downside of his career. For Salmons, this is a nice trade particularly with the fact that Williams is off the books after this upcoming season. Helps you, yet doesnt damage your salary cap long term. 2. Jason Kidd (Bucks): How about this for a Machiavellian Move on the part of J-Kidd?! You literally cant make this nonsense up. He tries to back-door GM Billy King in Brooklyn and gets shown the door for two second-round picks. I guess you beat the Raptors in Round 1 and win one playoff game against the Heat and youre a genius with the NBAs Highest Payroll. No one else in the league would have given him the shot he got last year to coach and this is the appreciation. I feel bad for coach Larry Drew, he gets one year and then the door from his new owners. This is a tough business and theres very little honour and respect left anymore in the coaching profession, thats for sure in this case. 3. Derrick Rose (Bulls): Rose is catching a lot of flak for saying that its not his job to recruit Carmelo Anthony. He is correct; its ownership, management and the coaches jobs to do the work. When you evaluate what he said after that about Melos skills, its pretty evident to me that hes impressed with Melos game and how it would help the Bulls. In defence of him, Im sure if management asked him to publicly make comments about Melo or behind the scenes recruit him, hed assist them. Hes a team guy. On the other hand, maybe he just deep down in his heart knows that Melo wouldnt be a great fit in their system/team identity. Well all know in the next few days if this has any impact on Melos decision with Chicago. Usually guys with the ego the size of Melo want to be recruited by everyone involved. 4. Nets coach: Youll hear the names of Lionel Hollins, George Karl & Mark Jackson among many for this job, as their agents cash in favours with media members to float their clients names to increase their profile and possibilities. In a market like New York, with such a high profile and a small window of opporrtunity with this older team thats got the huge payroll, it actually makes lots of sense to consider each of these guys for the job. [url=http://www.prochiefsauthentic.com/Youth-Travis-Kelce-Elite-Jersey/]Travis Kelce Jersey[/url]. The Nets will need both a strong and capable personality/coach to handle this job. GM Billy King knows that and the fact that he was supported by ownership in the coup attempt doesnt mean hes not under tremendous pressure to win big right now. Kings has got to get the right guy and he better win lots of games next year or they might actually need a new GM next spring. I like Lionel Hollins for this job. 5. July 1: Here we go! Always a fun few days when free agency begins. The Big 3 and Melo set the tone and other movement will follow from a decent free agent class, when you look at the Top 10. Theres quite a drop off once you get past the Top 15 names. For Raptors fans, its very important to balance the desire to build on the 48 win season last year with the long term understanding that the Raptors as currently constructed (Even if Kyle Lowry, Patrick Patterson & Greivis Vasquez return) are still a ways away from being a legit contender to go to the NBA Finals out of the East. Particularly if the Big 3 stay in Miami, Chicago gets healthy and adds a guy like Melo and the Pacers improve and take a good look around. Other teams in the East added some pieces in the early part of the Draft that will make each win a little harder to get within the Conference. Remember back to Bryan Colangelos first season as GM with a 47 win season? You can win too early. As crazy as that sounds, its true. Truly be honest with your team and organization and always try to evaluate yourself vs. the top four and top eight in the East as well as the top four and top eight in the West this past season. How did you stand up vs. those teams and vs. the non-playoff teams? Obviously, a nice season in the NBA is when you beat who youre capable of beating and the Raps did that with some other fun wins sprinkled in along the way to make it a neat experience. Lots and lots of work still needs to be done for this team/organization to be a contender. Slow and steady wins the Race. Im quite confident in the patience and long-term view of Ujiri, that he wont get sucked in to believing that theyre close and try to build on a foundation that isnt there yet. Manage the cap properly, improve internally and be patient. The right defining move will present itself to you in the near future, youve got to be properly positioned when it shows up at your doorstep to be able to consummate the transaction. Yes, I love making the playoffs, but we all want more. So build with the idea of long term/organization vs. the 2014-15 team. You want to be in the playoffs on a yearly basis as well as - and this is what really matters - being a team with a legitimate chance to play in the Eastern Conference Finals & possibly get to the NBA Finals. Those are really hard steps to take. Obviously, if the Big Three break up, Melo goes to the Western Conference instead of the Bulls, etc. Then you reconsider that because you do have greater opportunity. But for now, big picture. It will be a fun few days to watch and follow. ' ' '

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